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Our success stories

Our success stories

Naomi Scott

“I met Kelle when I was 15 years old, singing at a church event. One of the first things she said to me was “oh, I know you can act!”. Without even seeing me do anything she had a sense of what I could achieve.

We had no family or connections to the industry, so we were truly blessed to have someone like Kelle guide and navigate us through the world of entertainment. Kelle’s faith in God means that as the leader of her company, everything that flows from it is always rooted in integrity. This was a huge thing for my family and me. They’d always taught me that just because an opportunity is ‘big’ doesn’t always mean its right for you.

I think Kelle is someone who genuinely sees an artist for who they are and wants to celebrate what makes them unique. She isn’t afraid of the changing winds of trends. She understands that taking into account an artists wellbeing and the ‘why’ will always get the best out of the artist.

Kelle was an incredible mentor to me and remains a close friend. I owe a lot to her and Advocate Agency for seeing my potential and nurturing it in a way that encouraged me to drive my own ship and take the lead in who I wanted to be as an artist.”

Ricky Norwood

“Kelle was my agent for over 10 years and I can honestly say that we have been through more than most. In the time between jobs, Kelle has been positive and has motivated me to use the time to train and improve my skills, encouraging me to use the time wisely. In the busy times, I’ve seen her be a fierce but fair negotiator, deal with the pressure, stresses and strains that I have had to deal with and help me refocus my energy to benefit me and my work.

Kelle herself as an artist knows the industry from both points of view – as an artist in her own right and as an agent. I feel that this has always given Kelle the edge, a level of understanding you can only achieve by going through the highs and lows of the industry yourself.

Kelle also helped me to understand the tax system and connect me with accountants that were right for me. Now let me just say, I had no idea what was going on when it came to understanding that side of the business. Kelle spent time with me, walked me through it and her approach was one of understanding and gently pushed me in the right direction. This as well as her support in all things, has been invaluable to me and something I’m so thankful for. Her biggest attribute is her care. Care for all her actors. Care for the industry. Care the business and living by the ethos she instils in all the performers under her care… work hard, stay focused, stay dedicated!