Are you comfortable in the world of celebrity and media ?

We are looking for an Unpaid Creative Intern.

Intern required for busy theatrical agency. This is a three month term.Successful applicants will gain insight and experience working with the agents. They will be given opportunities to initiate ideas and create marketing and social media drives, networking and forge contacts in the media industry. There are opportunities for long term positions in the company.Experience is not necessary, but applicants will be expected to a have genuine interest, a professional approach and enthusiasm for working in this field. Please note you need to sign a confidentiality agreement. Please apply by sending your CV and covering letter. With immediate start.

To apply, email:

Equal opportunities disclaimer - applicants should feel free to apply regardless of race, religion, age or disability.

My name is Charlotte Spangler and I worked as an intern with Advocate Agency during the summer of 2013. Working at Advocate Agency provided an invaluable internship experience that I know will help me in my career for years to come. In fact, as I apply to new internships, they seem to pale in comparison to the work I was able to do at Advocate Agency.

The internship was incredibly hands-on, and Nicky and Kelle kept me busy right from the start. By the end of the summer, I felt like a fully-fledged talent agent - I was submitting actors for jobs, attending showcases to look for new talent, and speaking with both casting directors and clients. I learned more than I could have ever imagined about talent management, as well as the entertainment industry as a whole. As an aspiring actress, it was such a privilege to learn the proper etiquette and behaviours to have with an agent, as well as what they are looking for “on the other side.”

Not only did I work on the daily tasks of a talent agent, I also worked on a special personalized project. Kelle knew I had experience and interest in marketing, and instructed me to create a campaign find more older actors to add to Advocate Agency’s books. This involved everything from speaking with theatre groups, interviewing potential clients, and speaking on a local radio show. I learned a whole host of skills I never had before, and it greatly increased my confidence in advertising and sales.

Though I was nervous when I first came to Advocate Agency, Kelle and Nicky were incredibly trusting and encouraging from the beginning. I knew that they were there to support me throughout the entire experience. Even when I made a mistake, they helped me to move forward and approach the next step. I didn't feel like “the intern,” but rather just part of the team. For anyone looking to learn more about not only talent management, but also a behind the scenes look at producing film, television, stage productions, and commercials, I would fully recommend working for Advocate Agency.

Charlotte Spangler
University of Southern California