Incorporated in 2000, AA was birthed to meet a need in a seemingly impenetrable business. Our new brand, AA which stands for Advocate Agency is bold, innovative and professional.

We aim to courageously ‘champion talent’ provide security and ease as you partner with us to navigate your career.

AA was founded by director Kelle Bryan, with her credible weight of industry knowledge and award winning personal success. Her approach to career strategy and breaking talent has firmly placed AA on the map of management.

AA forms the conduit between the artist and the opportunity.

Giving you the freedom and confidence to focus on being creative, whilst we advocate on your behalf getting you the best results possible, through negotiating and skillfully directing your career path.

We have a boutique-style client list and pride ourselves on selecting talent with multicultural and diverse backgrounds, regardless of size, race, religion, age or disability - reflecting an accurate account of the social and economical diversities of today.

What separates our stable from others is our passion, relentless determination and our thirst for growth, combined with a healthy sense of humour, a principled approach and a sound appreciation for the arts. As artists ourselves we can empathise with the highs and lows of the individual journey, taking the fear factor out of the artist/ agent relationship.

AA Applications

Before you apply or send in your photo and CV, take a moment to think about the service we provide and whether that meets your need. There are many organisations to choose from and AA offers a bespoke management style that caters to a specific need. We believe you never stop learning and encourage consistent study and development of your skills. Reciprocity is key and our commitment to your career must to be met with your commitment to your craft. Our relaxed yet proficient environment ensures that client, casting directors, producers and such like feel at ease and confident with our approach.

Once you've made your mind up, visit our contact page to get in touch.

AA is committed to equal opportunities for all performers, irrespective of sex, age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status or any other criteria not related to skills or abilities.

CEO Kelle BryanTeam Leaders

CEO - Kelle Bryan
Executive Creative Media Assistant - Amy Sowerby
Junior Agent - Simone Daley Richards
Digital Communications - Andy Hastings
Publisher - KT Forster
Business support - Carolene Thompson GLE

Company Secretary

Terry Bryan

Accounts Department

Shayne Savill
Managing Director
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