AA Identity: the branding service for actors

Why do you need AA Identity? To improve your chances of getting seen, and ensure you are prepared for your opportunity. You will get a window in time - you are either ready or not.

Are you prepared for your moment?

How it works

We send you a short Actor’s Profile to complete, assess your current portfolio and re-brand ‘you’, the actor. In today’s climate you need to have the edge over your competitors. If the breakdown states blonde with blue eyes, all the actors selected by the agent will be - you’ve guessed it - blonde with blue eyes. So what makes you stand out and gives you the edge? What gets you seen?

Answer: It’s your profile package, how you put it together and how you advertise yourself. We’ll help you discover your USP (unique selling point).

"Maximise it not hide it"

"When I started out, my get seen rate was approximately 50%. So I went to have my headshots done. Red Hot accompanied me and gave me direction during the shoot. The result was a complete turn around and my get seen rate is now closer to 100%.

As an actor starting out small having a service that is keen to push you and your career in the right direction, can only make you stronger and stand out as a result. I am grateful for their tenacity and support. They have nurtured me as I have progressed from strength to strength in the business."

Andy Bainbridge
Advocate Agency Identity Client

AA Identity

Our portfolio service provides quick, effective advice and completely re-brands your performance image.

All our staff are experienced entertainment practitioners currently working, coaching, casting, producing, directing and running a successful theatrical agency - with over 30 years of experience.

The Perfect Tools for the Job.

CV, headshots, and covering letters: these are all your first look tools!

This is what industry professionals take as their 'first look' at you! Before they see you, they see your portfolio and make that all important decision about you, the actor. If you are new to the business you only get one chance to make that vital first impression or, if you are a seasoned professional, maybe you need to reinvent yourself and get them to take a second look...

Well, if that’s the case; let us help you to get it right!

Through using AA Identity, our customers have gone on to secure work with the following (to name but a few)…

  • Channel 5
  • Disney
  • E4
  • EastEnders
  • Fox
  • ITV
  • The Novello Theatre
  • Universal
  • The Young Vic

What OFSTED says about us

(Taken from OFSTED report 20/10/09)

"You are very clear. You have a great gift of being a truly compelling communicator"

On Subject knowledge:

"I saw how well you brought your personal and professional expertise into the room through the ways in which you drew key learning points out of the student contributions. Excellent!"

Our Services

  • Identity Silver Benefits – To help improve your castability the Silver package gets you succinctly mobile, upgraded and stylish. We will provide you with an editable copy of your new CV, crafted by our practitioners, the people you need to be communicating with. In addition you also get a free 15min consultation with an agent.
  • Identity Gold Benefits – Don’t feel alone in the dark. How about adding the personal touch with one-to-one coaching with one of our Dedicated Personal Practitioners? Talk it all through, get the right advice at a time that’s convenient for you. This personal and confidential service gives you the freedom to express your thoughts without being judged, get support, build self-confidence, make the right decisions and get your career back on track. Package includes CV, 15min consultation and a photo guide.
  • Identity Platinum Benefits – Get the results you deserve. Ever wanted to know what ‘they’ want from your head shot? Well now you can with your personal on-site shoot director. Spend quality time with a real agent, a director and an industry expert to guarantee you get the best out of your shoot. Get answers to all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask from the people who know. Using your photography guide and working closely with your photographer you’ll get constructive feedback right there and then so you can implement those subtle changes giving you that winning edge. Package includes CV, photo guide, and on-site director (subject to photographers approval*).

Terms and conditions

*Platinum Package (inside the M25 ONLY ZONES 1-5 ONLY maximum 3 hour shoot).

Package must be redeemed within 3 months of the purchase date.

Price List

Identity Silver
Electronic and editable CV
15min consultation
Identity Gold
Electronic and editable CV
15min consultation
Photo guide
Identity Platinum
Electronic and editable CV
15min consultation
Photo guide
And out on-site photo shoot director

Select your package

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